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TraceIT für QuickShow

Im folgenden erklären wir das Programm TraceIT, welches es als kostenloses Update zu Pangolin QuickShow gibt.
Es gibt zwar noch keine Übersetzung ins Deutsche - wir wollen die Infos dennoch bereit stellen.

Achtung: Um aufwendig getracete Bilder ruckelfrei wiedergeben zu können, benötigen Sie einen entsprechend guten Scanner ( z.B. CT6215 )
Mehr Informationen dazu auf Anfrage!


TaceIT Abbildung:

Enlarged screenshort


TraceIT is a program for raster to vector conversion. Based on original algorithms TraceIT provides the maximum speed for bitmap tracing. TraceIT can operate with a wide range of raster formats including almost every bitmap type such as: BMP, GIF, TIF, JPG, PSD etc. In addition to standard bitmap images, TraceIT can also trace video files in AVI, MOV or MPEG formats. TraceIT can extract some exact frames from video file, trace a range of frames or a whole file.

TraceIT includes a complete image processor that can be used at all phases of image transformations -- from image capture using a TWAIN compatible scanner, to actual laser projection. TraceIT includes a raster editor that can be used to clean the image before tracing. The raster editor includes all necessary tools like Pen, EyeDropper or Fill. Zoom Window also can help to edit the image. There is even a vector editor that allows you to edit the resulting traced image.

Once a bitmap has been traced, you can save the result in laser formats like ILDA, or even windows formats like WMF and BMP.


New features in version 1.40

  • New optimized tracing algorithms and much more simple parameters adjustment.
  • Output to Pangolin QM2000 board.
  • Double reducing and image transparency include fuzziness
  • Output frame color correction system.
  • New GUI for frames preview include zooming.
  • Independent tracing settings for all loaded images.
  • Enhanced preset subsystem.
  • Frames smoothing for decreasing "pixel" effect.
  • Multi loading of video frames.
  • New subsystem of raster image import and support of more than 30 raster formats.
  • New raster filters.
  • Undo.
  • Complete help system.

Bonus: Now TraceIT come with Picture Viewer program. That allow browse for images and send commands for tracing to TraceIT.


TraceIT and Pangolin Lasershow Designer 2000

One of most important changes is integration with Pangolin Lasershow Designer 2000. Now TraceIT can write frames to QM2000 and save files in LDS and ILD formats. We have implemented special group of commands for making your job comfortable related to LD2000.

  • TraceIT can check currently active frame and use this one for frame writing. This is useful if you work in Lasershow Designer and TraceIT at the same time.
  • TraceIT can automatically restore setting of QM2000 and perform some actions like stop autorotation etc.
  • TraceIT can automatically write frames to QM2000 or work in standalone mode.
  • TraceIT have its own "Projector settings" window. This allow to save the time...
  • TraceIT can generate vector and point oriented frames.


Import formats

TraceIT support more than 40 files formats of raster images and video files. As source image can be used follow formats:

Video file formats:

  • mov,qt - QuickTime files
  • mpeg., mpg, ,pe, mpv, m1v, mpv2, mp2v, mpa - Movie files
  • avi - Video files
  • asf, asx, lsf, lsx - Microsoft streaming media

    Note: Ability to trace video files depends on the drivers that you have installed. There is also the ability to trace single frame from video file or trace group of frames as one-step operation by means of Video tracer.


Raster file formats:

  • bmp - Windows bitmap,
  • jpg - JPG Image,
  • emf - Enhanced Metafiles,
  • wmf - Metafiles,
  • tga - Truevision images
  • win - Truevision images
  • vst - Truevision images
  • vda - Truevision images
  • psd - Photoshop images
  • pcx - ZSoft PCX images
  • pdd - Photoshop images
  • gif - CompuServe images
  • pic - 'Autodesk images
  • scr - Word 5.x screen capture images
  • rle - Windows bitmap
  • sgi - SGI true color images
  • bw - SGI black/white images
  • rpf - SGI Wavefront images
  • rla - SGI Wavefront images
  • rgba - SGI true color images
  • rgb - SGI true color images
  • ppm - Portable pixel map images
  • pgm - Portable grayscale images
  • pbm - 'Portable b&w images
  • pcc - ZSoft PCC images
  • icb - Truevision images
  • dib - 'Windows bitmap
  • cut - Dr. Halo images
  • cel - Autodesk images
  • pcd - Kodak Photo-CD images

Export formats

TraceIT allow to export frames in following formats:

  • ILD - ILDA standard frames
  • LDA - Pangolin LDA file.
  • LPC - LAStudio Picture
  • LP - Oracle single frame
  • PLT - HPGL
  • LDS - Pangolin LDS file (require QM2000)

Export to FFF, LFT, BMP, JPG, EMF supported via plugins interface.

Import plugins.
TraceIT allow to change DLL, which provide access to raster files and this feature may be used for changing the set of supported formats .

Export plugins.
TraceIT implements the flexible engine of plugins, which allow to export resulted frames in other formats. The format of plugins is opened for public domain.



TraceIT include three types of tracing - Outline, Centerline and Raster. Every type of tracing has its corresponded separation mode:


  • Mono - separation is based on 3 levels (+auto transformation to grayscale). This style allows having from 2 up to 4 colors in separated bitmap.
  • Separated - separation is based on 3 independent levels for R,G and B colors channels. Number of colors up to 64
  • Auto-defined colors - separation based on algorithm that allow automatically define main colors in source image. Number of colors from 2 up to 64
  • User-defined colors - tracer will automatically reduce source image by user defined colors. Number of colors from 2 up to 64.
  • Delta - allow extracting areas with high contrast. There are 2 modifications of this style, Delta and Delta-Outline.


  • B&W-Centerline - source image will be converted to Black&White by defined threshold.
  • Delta-Centerline - in this style from source image will be extracted more contrast areas which will be used for centerline tracing.

NEW: Now centerline algorithm allow to define "Pen width".



Raster style allow to have TV like (raster) frames. There is ability to get unidirectional or bi-directional raster.


Color modes :

  • Original colors - in this mode the colors of points in resulted frame is the same such as colors of pixels in source image. No changes! What you have is what you get!
  • Indexed colors - in this style all 24 bit RGB colors reduces to 64 colors. The value of colors is based on levels of separation. Indexed colors model is good corresponded to ILDA files structure. Its allow to generate special palette for each frame and minimize the color distortion. Saving with ILDA, Pangolin palettes are possible also.
  • Grayscale - all colors are converted to grayscale.
  • Fixed - All points will have the same, used defined, color.

There is very important thing - separation is used only for making source-image more useable for tracing. In most cases points colors not depend on separation type, because it will be extracted from original (not separated) image.


Batch tracer

Batch tracer allow to trace selected files by few simple steps

1) Select files.
2) Select output folder and output file type.
3) Press "Start" and relax while TraceIT will make frames for you.

New feature is storing frames directly to memory of Pangolin QM2000.


Video tracer

Video tracer allow to trace group of frames from video file. There is few simple steps:

1) Select source file and output file.
2) Start and Finish frames from file.
3) Press "Start" and relax while TraceIT will make frames for you.


Other features



TraceIT allow to receive the images directly from TWAIN compatible devise.


Raster filters:

Image attributes (Red, Blue, Green,Lightness, saturation, Contrast)
Rotate (90CW, 90CCW, 180), Crop, Resize, Flip, Flop, Inverse colors, Grayscale.


Context menu.

Special command - "Trace..." is added for all supported raster file types. This allow browse you hard disk and trace any image in just one click!



Clipboard operations are supported for both types of images - for raster images and for resulted vector frames. Raster images may be copied from any other program. Vector images may be used inside any of LAStudio programs. In case if clipboard contain bitmap then TraceIT will show icon on taskbar.

New: TraceIT allow to register 2 hotkeys, which can be used from any program (not depend on focus). This hotkeys will call "Paste" or "Paste new" of TraceIT. This can be very useful in case if you work in some raster editor, copy image to clipboard and call TraceIT without going to TraceIT window.



Any setting of tracing can be saved in presets list. That allows applying the same tracing later to any other image.



Editing of main menu allow to retune the hotkeys set as more preferred for the user.

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